Our products

Comprehensive range of boxes to meet demands from all sectors of the potato growing industry.


High capacity boxes of up to 1.25 tonnes, providing greater storage and savings through cost-effective handling.

Slatted boxes for those who prefer additional airflow through the board gaps. Bolted and treated, part treated and untreated boxes on request. Unrivalled box range allows our customers greater flexibility in selection of the ideal box to meet their demands.

Repair Timber

All sizes of treated and untreated box repair timber is available on request and is supplied by James Jones & Sons, thus ensuring quality is maintained.

Flat Pack

Most of the product range of boxes is available in flat pack in order to maximise the benefit of haulage costs and therefore makes United Box more competitive in the wider market. Onsite assembly can be arranged.


At United Box, we have the ability to produce your company's identity onto our manufactured boxes using our unique inkjet printing system.


United Box is an agent for James Jones & Sons' range of agricultural fencing products. We offer a full range of strainers, posts, rails, slats and boards to meet your fencing needs. All of our Use Class 4 ground contact strainers and posts come with a 15 year warranty.